Roaming CIC


For an introduction to the organization, see  I am one of three “directors,” that is, members of a board.  The name “roaming” itself, in the context of an art group, may remind you, as it did me, of the Situationist dérive, a kind of shared excursion, without explicit goals, that invariably exposes all kinds of things.

The designation “community interest company” refers to an organizational structure.  It it is different from a charity in a number of ways.  Specifically, it has no Board of Trustees exerting authority over day-to-day operations.  It is also remarkably flexible in terms of purposes and size.  Roaming has officially set out to use creative activities to engage with people who are in some way disadvantaged or vulnerable.  It’s a curious target, one that holds together as long as you don’t look too closely, but seems to get fluffy and unruly and really interesting when you do.