Current Projects

I am currently

  • one of the editors of Flusser Studies
  • one of three directors of Roaming CIC
  •  trying to define Aesthetic Education to my own satisfaction
  • trying to decide whether and how the phrase “Photographic Entanglement” is meaningful

Flusser Studies ( is an on-line journal publishing new research on the life and thought of Vilém Flusser, 1920-1991.

Roaming is a community interest company that works in partnership with St Petroc’s Society, supporting single homeless people in Cornwall.   It presents a challenge to almost everything I ever thought about many things, perhaps above all the concept of “charity” (from a Greek word that was tranlated into English for a long time as “love”).  Roaming is a mutual taking and giving for all of us, I think.

My interest in Aesthetic Education stems a slow, quiet suspicion that the reasons most of us do what we do has little or no logical or ethical foundation, but is rather based on what we “like” or “prefer,” whether we know about it or not.  It would be better us, as individuals and as a specie, if we had a better idea about what those preference were.

The books of Karen Barad outline a way of thinking about matter (she is a particle physicist) that pretty much obliterates any thought of anyone being a detached observer or recorder of anything.  Photography is, I think, my way of trying to think about the implications.