The Perfect Post

This is on Instagram.  My experience is, admittedly, very recent and very brief.  But I absolutely love this one from the poet and writer Lavinia Greenlaw.  The photo is of a pig with her snout in the pail, taken from overhead, then:

Do not insult her ears by comparing them to mere silk purses but please ask her to stop trolling MA applicants by standing outside my window and giving her best dinosaur grunt during online interviews.

Lavinia Greenlaw, post on Instagram, 16 June 2020

It has all the features of the perfect post: It comes from an immediate experience, it sets old against new, and it’s completely self-sufficient. It’s short, of course — that’s in the nature of the thing. But better yet, it’s funny!  

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  1. Penny Scarlet says:

    I like these posts

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